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10th IAA Symposium on the Future of Space Exploration
Towards Space Village and Beyond
June 27-29, 2017
Torino, Italy


A new three-days International Symposium on the future of Space Exploration will be organized by the International Academy of Astronautics and Politecnico di Torino. The symposium will be held in Torino, on 27 – 29 June 2017.


The International Academy of Astronautics is fostering global cooperation in Human and Robotics Space Exploration since more than 5 decades.
The International Space Station program is expected to be completed by 2024 and there is no global program agreed for Human Space Flight.
The goals of this new Symposium are to present the final results of IAA activities related to programs beyond Low Earth Orbit and discuss the Moon Village vision.The Moon Village is considered by many as the logic step for humans beyond LEO and a stepping stone for Mars exploration
 The aim is to promote an exchange of ideas and experiences, within the Space community, discussing the activites presented and proposing new concrete global space exploration activities involving established and emerging space agencies and industries.
Special effort will be devoted to involve young professionals and new space start-up companies related to exploration acting as a forum for fostering new initiatives
Papers related to Technology, Science, Programmatics, Economics, Ethical and Cultural aspects of the Moon Village and beyond are solicited, papers dealing with advanced concepts and new ideas are encouraged

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•    Technology
Propulsion and  power generation
Mission and trajectory design
Attitude dynamics
Navigation, guidance and control
Very deep space telecommunications
Sensors, detectors and lens systems
Precursor interstellar missions
Nanotechnology and robotics
Innovative concepts
Regenerative life support systems
ISRU systems
Planetary protection

•    Science
Scientific objectives and payload requirements
Present outgoing scientific missions
Biosignatures from space
Medical problems of very long range spaceflight
Planetary environments

•    Programatics
Cooperation schemes and roadmaps
Reporting of the ongoing IAA Study Groups
Role of the ISS in space exploration

•    Motivations
Motivations and human aspects
Policy and international cooperation
Ideas from science fiction to technology

•    Economics
Funding  aspects and economic sustainability
Space mineral resources
Space resources exploitation

•    Ethics
Ethical aspects of long range exploration
From exploration to colonization
Ethical aspects of terraforming
Robot ethics
Adaptation of humans to new environments
Experience of 10 Years of ISS permanent activity

•    Cultural
Multicultural aspects of human space exploration
Outreach aspects of Space Exploration
Access to space for  emerging countries


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15 Dec 2016 to 30 Apr 2017
Abstract Submission Date
1 Oct 2016 to 15 Apr 2017
Paper Submission Date
25 Apr 2017 to 31 May 2017
International Academy of Astronautics